Welcome to the New Orleans Restaurant Club!

The New Orleans Restaurant Club (NORC) began with a hungry conversation. 

Doug and I made a list of the restaurants we wanted to eat at in New Orleans. As you can imagine, the list was long and only got longer as time went on. In July of 2009, I decided to pick a date to eat at Commander's Palace and invite some friends along. The New Orleans Restaurant Club was born. 

The New Orleans Restaurant Club's main purpose is to dine in established New Orleans restaurants with old and new friends. Typically, it feels like you need a special occasion to eat at a fine dining restaurant, but NORC creates that special occasion for its members. It gives us the opportunity to try places we have never been, dine with good friends, and have a wonderful night!

NORC's dinners occur four times a year on a Friday night. There are no dues to be in the club and the members only pay for what they order at the restaurant. The group sits in public dining to experience the restaurant in its normal setting.

The club has spread by word of mouth and the group has grown into friends of friends. I am amazed by NORC's popularity! I know it seems silly to be surprised, but I never thought it would get this big. Our first dinner at Commander's Palace had 26 people in attendance. As I plan each dinner, the invite list grows as people invite their friends!  Thank you to everyone who made my little idea such a success!

Your fearless planner,