How do you choose the restaurants?
We basically go from a list of fine dining restaurants located in New Orleans. The restaurant must be large enough to handle 30-40 people eating a la carte in public dining. If you have ideas, please share them with me. 

Are there dues to be in NORC?
No. You only pay for the food and beverages you order when you attend an event.

When and how often is NORC?
NORC dinners occur four times a year, and they always are scheduled on a Friday evening.

How can I attend a NORC dinner?
You must be invited. The invite list is made from a network of friends.

What is the average cost of a NORC dinner?
It really depends on what you order. I always send a link to restaurant's menu so you can see what the prices are before you RSVP. 

What do I wear?
Guys typically model the coat and tie ensemble. The ladies usually go for dresses. Check out the Photo Gallery if you want more details.

Who do I sit with at NORC dinners?
The table arrangements are set a week before dinner. In general, I like to sit you with at least one person you already know at your table, but that does not always work out. 
 If you would like to sit with someone in particular, let me know when you RSVP. I can usually accommodate seating requests. 

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